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We service and repair all makes and models of garage doors in the greater Sioux City, IA area! Whether the garage door at your home needs spring, roller, hinge, panel, cable or opener repair or maintenance, Sioux City’s locally owned residential garage door expert is at your service. Call now to schedule an appointment or get a free estimate. When you choose Shawn’s, your garage door troubles are good as gone!
Garage Door Maintenance

Even the highest-quality garage door is destined to wear out over time. Its springs, rollers, opener and other crucial components are placed under considerable stress each and every time that garage door opens or closes. Scheduling regular maintenance is the best way to ensure reliable functionality, and it will also save you money in the long run. Your garage door’s parts are all interconnected, so when one fails, the rest are bound to follow suit.

Don’t wait for your garage door to stop working at the least convenient time. Don’t waste money repairing what could have been maintained instead! Count on Shawn’s to thoroughly inspect your garage door’s multiple parts, identify issues that could lead to bigger problems down the road, and perform any repairs needed to keep everything working like a Swiss watch. Our goal is to significantly lengthen your garage door’s lifespan – and prevent you from ever getting trapped inside or outside your home!

Garage Door Springs

A garage door needs functional extension and torsion springs in order to open and close reliably. Regular usage, the passage of time, and corrosion will all gradually bring any spring to the point of failure. A broken spring won’t just make your heavy garage door nearly impossible to open or close – it also poses a serious risk of injury to you and your family.

Do not attempt to repair or replace garage door springs on your own. They are dangerous when they are mishandled, and your garage door will not open and close correctly when those crucial components aren’t installed right. Welcome Shawn’s to your home instead! We combine decades of experience with our industry’s highest-quality parts to ensure that your garage door’s new springs will perform flawlessly.

Garage Door Rollers

Your garage door’s rollers keep it securely connected to its tracks. Although relatively simple in design, the rod-and-wheel systems are nevertheless extremely important. When they are wearing out they will create noise and damage the interconnected opener and springs. When they are broken, they will prevent you from opening or closing your garage door entirely.

If your garage door rollers appear to be catching on their tracks or are otherwise malfunctioning, call Shawn’s today! Our rugged rollers are made of durable materials, and feature low-friction ball bearings that will make your entire garage door system operate quietly and efficiently. Our garage door rollers are also highly resistant to corrosion, which is of huge benefit in the humid and snowy Midwest.

Garage Door Cables

Your garage door’s cables work in tandem with its springs to help it open and close smoothly. When its cables begin to break or wear down, your garage door’s weight will become unevenly distributed. That accelerates wear and tear on the door’s springs, rollers and other moving parts, and may eventually make the door incapable of opening or closing.

If your cables are no longer capable, securing the highest-quality replacements is as easy as calling Shawn’s. Our cables are made of aircraft-grade stainless steel, and are able to withstand years of continual usage and bear extreme amounts of weight without becoming any worse for wear. And thanks to our expert installation, you can rest assured your cables are placing as little stress as possible on all of your garage door’s other essential components.

Garage Door Drums

An overhead door’s drums aren’t musical instruments. The drums work hand in hand with the torsion springs to keep the heavy door balanced while it opens and closes. A garage door with broken or damaged drums will fail to function correctly, and the rest of its components are all at greater risk of failure as well.

We don’t miss a beat when it comes to maintaining and repairing our clients’ garage door drums. Our commercial-grade drum cables are substantially tougher than the ones typically reserved for residential garage doors. And because we keep ready-to-install cable drums right in our trucks, we’re able to provide this essential repair as soon as we detect it is necessary.

Garage Door Tracks & Hardware

A garage door’s tracks guide its rollers upward and downward. When they are straight and smooth, they promote efficient operation that minimizes wear and tear on the rollers, springs, drums and opener. But when tracks have degraded or become damaged, they have a dramatic negative impact on the overall garage door system. They may even make the door inoperable – or worse yet, dangerous!

Don’t let an old track hold you back. If we’re unable to restore your existing tracks to peak operating condition, we will replace them with our industry’s highest-quality reinforced steel components. Our tracks’ corrosion-resistant plating, efficient ball bearings and rugged anchor points all guarantee that your garage door will provide seamless service for many years to come.

Garage Door Panels

If you’re only concerned with your garage door’s appearance, then you necessarily care about its panels. They are the sections of the door that you can see from outside of your home, and their integrity is essential to a pleasing curb appeal.

Unfortunately, garage door panels are vulnerable to many kinds of damage. A single power tool or child riding a bicycle can put a serious scrape into a panel. Even the briefest hailstorm could wreak havoc on a garage door’s exterior. And anyone who has ever backed out of their garage without first taking a moment to actually open its door is familiar with how much damage a simple mistake can cause.

If one or more of your garage door’s panels is dented, dinged, scraped, scratched or bent, fixing it completely is always as easy as calling Shawn’s. We’re always available to inspect, repair and replace garage panels, and we’ll ensure the rest of its sensitive hardware is in perfect working order while we’re at it!

Garage Door Weather Stripping

Your garage door’s weather stripping is part of its insulation. When it works correctly, the weather stripping will keep your garage warmer during the winter and cooler during the summer. It will also create a tight seal against the driveway that repels rainwater, meltwater and insects, as well as prevent the frame from colliding with the ground every time you close your garage door.

Your garage door’s weather stripping performs too many important functions to be neglected. If your weather stripping has cracked, hardened or started to fragment, give Shawn’s a call today. We’ll give your garage door high-quality replacement weather stripping so you can enjoy a more comfortable garage and prevent potentially expensive damage to your property.

Garage Door Insulation

Your home’s garage door is, needless to say, very large. Its massive surface area means that hot and cold air can easily pass through it – if it isn’t properly insulated, that is. If you would like to reduce your home’s heating and cooling costs without investing in a brand new garage door, then Shawn’s is standing by to improve its insulation.

We’ll help you choose the insulation that is best suited to your budget and home’s energy usage needs, and then install your new product so it looks great and performs exactly as advertised. Perfect if you spend a lot of time in your garage and would like to enjoy greater comfort, but no less useful if you would only like to save money on energy bills!

Garage Door Replacement

All the maintenance and repairs in the world can’t make a garage door last forever. When you’ve decided to enhance your home’s curb appeal, safety and security with a brand new garage door, we will help you purchase and install the best replacement for your budget and preferences!

We give our clients access to all the most popular styles and colors of residential overhead doors. Once you have helped us understand exactly what you are looking for, we’ll show you what our industry’s most reputable manufacturers are able to provide. And once we’ve delivered your garage door to your place of residence, we’ll use our decades of experience and durable hardware to make certain your new garage door looks great, operates efficiently, and lasts a very long time.

New Construction

Are you remodeling your home’s exterior, and would like its transformation to include an attractive and reliable new garage door? Are you building a new home from the ground up, and wish to ensure that one of its most noticeable features is expertly installed? Are you a contractor in the greater Sioux City, IA area, and need a subcontractor who specializes in installing high-quality garage doors for competitive rates? Then you need Shawn’s!

Our expert garage door installation technicians are available to make certain any remodeling or new construction project goes off without a hitch. We provide the ideal garage door for any client’s budget, home style and energy needs, and we complete our expert work during just one visit to the job site. Let us show you the kind of value an experienced, family owned and locally operated garage door specialist creates!

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