And How to Fix Them

We’re more than happy to provide fast garage door service to anyone who requests it in the greater Sioux City, IA area. Our one-track “same day garage door service” frame of mind is the key to our success!

Our clients contact us for many issues that they simply aren’t qualified to address. If your torsion spring snaps in two – or you make the perfectly forgivable mistake of backing out of your garage while its door is still closed – then you certainly need a professional to make things right again.

However, many garage door issues are easy to fix even if you have zero home maintenance experience! Here are six garage door problems you’re likely to encounter, and how you can make them disappear without having to call (712) 259-8173.

  1. Garage Door Opener Remote Isn’t Working

Does your garage door open normally when you aren’t using its remote? Does the remote fail to produce the desired effect even while you are standing inside the garage? That’s frustrating, but it may simply be because the remote’s batteries are dead. You’d be surprised how many service calls could have been avoided if more people only thought to change their remotes’ batteries!

Sometimes people buy “universal” garage door remotes that aren’t actually compatible with their garage doors. Make certain your garage door opener’s brand and model are both compatible with a universal remote before you purchase it. It may be possible for a professional to work around a compatibility issue, although avoiding the issue altogether is the vastly preferable course of action.

  1. Garage Door Opens and Closes Slowly

If your garage door is opening and/or closing painfully slowly, it is possible that you’ll need a professional to fix the problem. But before you call Shawn’s, check your garage door’s tracks for excessive amounts of dirt and grime. A filthy track doesn’t allow the rollers to seamlessly glide up and down, which is why you should clean out the tracks and lubricate its rollers a couple of times each year. Doing so is often enough to restore a garage door’s full operating speed.

  1. Garage Door Rollers Have Worn Out

All the lubrication in the world cannot fix a garage door roller once it has finally worn out or become very rusted. Many people prefer to engage a pro for their garage door roller replacement needs, but a modestly handy homeowner can take care of it themself. Just follow these straightforward steps, taking special care to observe all necessary safety precautions. Failure to adhere to them could result in snapped tension cables and serious injury!

  1. Garage Door Sensors Aren’t Working

Sometimes electrical issues cause sensors to stop doing their jobs, but the issue is frequently much less technical. If you install a sensor in the spring or fall, it is quite possible that nearby vegetation will grow tall and broad enough to block it during the summertime. A sensor may also gradually become too dirty to receive input from a remote control. Trim your plants, wipe your sensor clean, and see if the problem resolves itself. 

It is also possible for the sensor’s antenna to lose its alignment. If you’re old enough to remember adjusting a TV’s rabbit ear antennae, then you already know how easily you can realign your garage door sensor’s antenna!

  1. Garage Door Is Noisy While in Operation

Many abnormally loud garage door noises indicate a need for immediate professional repair. For example, popping and rumbling noises often reveal the presence of a broken spring, which is too complicated and dangerous for a layman to replace on their own.

If your garage door is emitting vibrating or rattling noises while it’s opening and/or closing, then the issue may be as simple as loose nuts and bolts. Giving the hardware a thorough tightening is often enough to make a garage door significantly quieter. If you hear squeaking or grinding, pay close attention to the rollers – they likely need lubrication or replacement.

  1. Garage Door Bottom Seal Is Cracked

In addition to insulating your home, your garage door’s bottom seal helps to block out rainwater and meltwater. It cannot serve these important functions once it has become badly cracked. Fortunately, replacing the bottom seal is fast and easy so long as you have a few tools and an extra set of hands to help you – just follow these six steps. Make certain to purchase the correct seal for your garage door’s retainer ahead of time, however. Replacement isn’t possible if the two components don’t match!

If you don’t feel especially mechanically inclined, then we welcome you to contact Shawn’s Garage Door today for help with all the issues detailed in this article. But if you’re a serious DIYer, please keep us in mind when you have serious garage door repair & replace needs in Sioux City, IA!