Providing full garage door service to the greater Sioux City, IA area means doing much more than repair and new installation. Many of our clients contact us because they would like their old garage doors replaced as well!

Quite a few of those folks call us because their garage doors have ceased to function altogether. That is extremely inconvenient for them – especially if their cars are trapped in their garages. If you would like to avoid the headache of missing work or an important appointment, then it’s best to be proactive when it comes to garage door replacement. Don’t wait for a total breakdown. Keep an eye out for these seven signs that it’s time to replace your garage door, and reach out to your local garage door repair & replace specialist when you notice them!

1. Garage Door Is Making Odd Noises

Not all strange noises indicate that a garage door is in immediate need of replacement. Sometimes the rollers are simply unlubricated or worn out. Sometimes the hardware just needs tightening. But when noisy operation is the result of a combination of door imbalance, incorrect installation, and aging springs and other components, total replacement may represent the most cost-effective fix.

2. Garage Door Requires Frequent Repair

Annual maintenance is essential to assuring reliable performance out of any garage door. It includes lubrication, tightening bolts, and adjusting spring tension. But once your garage door starts requiring frequent and unpredictable repairs, it’s doing everything it can to indicate that its time has finally come. If your garage door is older than 30 years, it has already outlived its normal lifespan!

3. Garage Door Operates Too Slowly

Several problems can cause a garage door to open too slowly. They may be as simple as insufficient lubrication, or even an altered speed setting in the garage door opener. But when slow operation results from a worn out torsion spring, replacing the entire door may represent the surest course of action.

4. Garage Door Operates Too Quickly

On the other end of the spectrum, several of a garage door’s components can contribute to a dangerously fast closing speed. Broken cables, loose springs, warped tracks and busted rollers all contribute to this problem. Each one is easy enough to repair on its own – but when all of those problems are present simultaneously, total replacement of the entire garage door system makes the most sense.

5. Garage Door Is Outdated

If a garage door was installed before 1993, then its opener likely doesn’t include an external entrapment protection device that prevents it from crushing a child or pet. This feature is potentially life-saving, and an excellent reason to replace a very old garage door.

Even if you don’t consider its safety features, a new garage door is often worthwhile solely for its aesthetic benefits. An outdated garage door only succeeds at antiquating a home that otherwise appears fresh and modern. And if you’re planning on selling your home in the near future, replacing its garage door is an excellent move from a financial perspective. In many cases, the home improvement project delivers a return on investment that exceeds 100%!

6. Garage Door No Longer Retains Heat

Have you noticed that your utility bills are gradually increasing? Your garage door may be the main culprit. Gradual wear and tear will make any garage door’s insulation and weather stripping increasingly ineffective, which translates to lost heat in winter and lost coolth in summer. Although replacing a garage door’s insulation is straightforward enough, a brand new door almost certainly guarantees greater energy efficiency.

7. Garage Door Is Damaged

No material is immune from becoming damaged. Wooden garage doors inevitably crack, chip and rot. Metal ones pick up little dents and scratches during regular usage, and corrosion is especially common in the Midwest’s damp climate. Replacing the door itself is a great way to refresh your home’s appearance, and doing so may not necessitate replacing the springs and opener if they are presently in good condition.

No matter your reason for wanting a new garage door, the greater Sioux City area’s same day garage door serving expert is at your disposal. We welcome you to contact Shawn’s Same Day Service Garage Door today for all your garage door replacement needs! We’ll help you pick the model that delivers the best value for your home, and expertly install it so you can avoid future repairs down the road.