Contractors often point out the benefits of adding insulation to your home. They include increased comfort, energy efficiency and noise reduction. Although we may specialize in garage door service instead of roofing, we’re no different. When it is adequately insulated, a garage door provides those same exact benefits!

But the advantages of insulating your garage door don’t end there. Here are five of the biggest benefits you can expect after adding some insulation to your overhead door – or by investing in a brand new insulated garage door.

Garage Door Insulation Saves Money

Once you move past the upfront cost of installation, garage door insulation is poised to save you significant money on heating and cooling costs. You may not count your attached garage as part of your livable space, but it is still contributing to your home’s ability to passively maintain a comfortable temperature. If heat passes through the wall adjacent to your garage, it won’t dissipate into the outdoors as quickly if an insulated garage door blocks its path. That reduces the amount of energy required to heat your actual living space!


Garage Door Insulation Increases Comfort

Do you spend a significant amount of time in your garage during winter? Or do you just like getting into a warmer car before you travel somewhere? Either way, garage door insulation is your friend. According to a recent study, an uninsulated door will keep a garage’s temperature at approximately 30 °F when it is 20 °F outside. An insulated door, on the other hand, will keep the interior of the garage at 42 °F under the same conditions. Frozen, or unfrozen: the choice is yours!


Garage Door Insulation Preserves Property

Freezing temperatures won’t just make you uncomfortable. They also impact your car or truck by shortening its battery life, thickening its fluids, making its wiring less reliable, and rendering its tires less effective at gripping the asphalt. Your snowblower, snowmobile, ATV, lawnmower, and any other machines you store in your garage will be similarly harmed by freezing temperatures. The cold can also damage power tools, house paint and even fertilizer, which is why door insulation will help to preserve almost every valuable thing in your garage.


Garage Door Insulation Enhances Durability

Insulation won’t immunize a garage door against damage, but it does make the barrier more durable overall. When it is hollow, a garage door is more susceptible to getting dented by a car, bicycle, ball, or windborne projectile. But when a garage door is fortified by a solid layer of insulation, it is often able to shrug off impact without sustaining visible damage.


Garage Door Insulation Reduces Noise

An insulated garage door isn’t just stronger. It will also help to keep your home quieter in more ways than one! Because it is solid instead of hollow, an insulated garage door has fewer components that vibrate against one another while it is being lowered or raised. A garage door’s insulation also helps to dampen noises that originate from outside your home – a great benefit if you live in a busy area or near a neighbor who is proud of their car stereo.

Would you like to save money on your heating and cooling bills, experience greater comfort inside your home, extend your vehicle’s lifespan, avoid having to repair your garage door’s panels and enjoy greater peace and quiet? It’s easy thanks to the power of garage door insulation!

If you live in the greater Sioux City, IA area, you need only contact Shawn’s Garage Door to realize all the benefits of an insulated garage door. Our same day garage door serving business is standing by for all your garage door repair & replace needs!